Eight Rules We Live By.

At World Website Builder, we provide web strategy, experience design, and technology implementation for influential organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. With outsourced team members in Philippines and beyond, our team is connected by our mission, our values, and eight key rules:

1. Never give up.

Our mission is to make our clients more successful, and we don’t give up until we accomplish just that.

2. Pinpoint the real problem, then solve it.

Our strategists and technologists go above and beyond, finding brilliant solutions to some of our clients’ most challenging problems.

3. Find joy & fulfillment in client successes.

When our clients are achieving their missions, we’re happier too.

4. Work together. Play together.

Sure, we’re architects and developers and designers and strategists. But we’re also musicians, triathletes, home brewers, activists, parents, and artists. We respect and appreciate uniqueness, because we believe it makes us all stronger and more successful.

5. Jump in, take a risk. Make it awesome.

Our vision is to change what the world’s most influential organizations can do with open technology and you can’t get there without taking some risks.

6. Share, teach, learn.

Our teams are more successful when they’re learning and sharing. From our weekly companywide knowledge sharing “labs” to our leadership in open source communities, we’re all about the knowledge.

7. Be real.

It’s as simple as that: we treat our colleagues, partners, and clients the way we want to be treated: like people.

8. Be Passionate.

Passion allows you to be more than you think you can. It drives you to push limits (limits which you often create for yourself) and it gives you the opportunity to inspire. Oftentimes successful people are just like us.

About Our Team

We have top performing team members drawn from a spectrum of fields and expertise. Our culture stems from a team that is a blend of social super-nerds, creative geniuses, and deep thinkers.

Jason McComb

President, CEO, World Website Builder
CEO and founder leads strategy and firm development efforts for World Website Builder. Jason has been instrumental in recruiting and managing staff, the acquisition of new clients, overseeing client engagements and leading process improvement of the company.


Web Developer
A self-described tech geek, Developer Marfred works in conjunction with other World Website team members to create and deploy high-profile and large-scale websites that utilize innovative new technology.


Web Developer
Like many of our Developers, Arjay has always had a passion for technology and a natural ability with computers. He made web design and development his priority and soon put his skills to use in the multimedia industry.


Email Marketer
Irene is responsible for creating email marketing campaigns to promote a product or service. Determines target audience, devises campaign, and launches email campaign to create buzz or generate leads for the business.

Timely Support

Innovative Ideas

Advanced Technology

Clear Communication

But at every opportunity, our approach starts with you.

We focus on open source solutions, and we’ve earned our street cred as open source leaders.